Freelance pilot
Gulfstream GV/450/550

  • G550 wire frame

    G550 in wire frame!

  • G550 cockpit

    Nice view from the G550 cockpit!

  • Sunset

    Nice sunset from the office!

  • View from the head-up display

    View with the Head Up Display!

  • View from the Carabbians

    Nice view from the Carabbians!

  • Overflying some thunderstorms

    Overflying some thunderstorms!

  • Flight over Greenland

    Flight over Greenland!

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ICAO changes for minimum and emergency fuel.

ADS-B academy

NAT FANS 1/A datalink mandate

For those going to Italy, please read the following regarding luxury tax.

Beside flying, I can help you with different projects such as setting up a Learning Management System (LMS) for your type of operation which is AICC compliant. Apple Script
A more user friendly version of this website is under construction for smartphones and tablets. Free document code
All Project

iPhone & iPad Project

The app is a tool for Airlines Interview Preparation. The first part covers some technical questions and the second focusses on the practical side such as Pitch and Thrust settings for the A-320.